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Bridge to Rutland - Vermont asylum seekers

Bridge to Rutland

Bridge to Rutland is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps resettle and support asylum seekers in Rutland County, Vermont. Their big annual fundraiser is their Arts Marathon. Managing this event on their website was laborious. They needed a way to...

Bike Florida - Florida bicycle tourism

Bike Florida

Bike Florida is a non-profit that works one-on-one with Florida cities and towns to improve their bicycle infrastructure and increase bicycle awareness in their communities through one-day events that correspond with their specific needs. They also host multi-day rides throughout...

Caregiver PAWS Connection

Our Caregiver PAWS Connection mission is to educate our community on the healing and nurturing power of pets and provide resources and solutions that enable seniors and their family members or caregivers to care for their current pets or to...

Parent-Child Center of Rutland County

Parent-Child Center of Rutland County

Founded in 1984, the Parent-Child Center of Rutland County helps people transform their lives with whole-family services delivered through a unique and dynamic community framework of integrated programming. The organization had been working with a buggy and outdated website for...